Water – the ability to recall information

What is meant by the statement that water is able to remember information? On this question from the point of view of chemistry is hardly the answer, since such a determination relates solely to the physical phenomena that interpretation of the find before in the field of quantum physics.

So far we have been thinking that the processes in the body, healing processes and effects of drugs based solely on chemical processes and phenomena, and that can only be interpreted so. For this reason, medical science has focused mainly on eliminating the disease by chemical reactions of drugs.

With homeopathy Hahnemanns and izoterapijo it was part of the medical field departed from previous ways of thinking and put themselves in a new way. In homeopathy electromagnetic frequency patterns replace the effect of chemical structures. This chemical can not be explained, so it is understandable that a long time had doubts about homeopathy and that her doubts continue.

When we talk about homeopathy and izoterapiji, but we are dealing primarily with physical phenomena, or more precisely, the electromagnetic frequency patterns of a prasubstance that the material is no longer present.Before your eyes, we must have the fact that it also has alopatično medicine in addition to chemical and physical effects, which is familiar to us and therefore always pushed to the forefront of our thinking, another energy-information substance.

Experiments carried out by CW Smith in collaboration with Dr. Monro-eat Nightingale Clinic, suggests that the sensible patients with technically produced electromagnetic frequency trigger allergy symptoms. Starting from very low frequency are by gradually increasing the frequency of the alternating find the frequency range that can provoke a reaction and removed again. Found frequencies reactions triggered and again removed were different from patient to patient.

In follow-up experiments are triggering symptoms and neutralizing frequencies added to the bottle with water, which were given to patients in arm. Observed may be the same results. In some cases it even so that the bottle is already in a distance of one meter off a reaction. Symptom initiated with a frequency generator can then use the bottle, which was given to patients easily in your hand, neutralized. This means that the water has the ability to memorize the electromagnetic spectrum, which can have an effect on the body.

Logically, therefore, it is concluded that both the frequency samples of medicinal products as well as the physical substance embedded in water.

The ability to recall, by the water at this time shown by a number of investigators. It is necessary to clarify the only question, by means of which the particularities of your water – or other substances – storing electromagnetic information.

Molecules are dynamic structures that consist of electrically charged particles, which have the property of forming dipoles respectively. complex dipoles. Particularly water – even alcohol – and of course in our case especially important body of water has a pronounced dipole structure and forms a so-called cluster structures from 300 to 400 molecules in body temperature with a high capacity for the memorization of electromagnetic frequencies.

Recent research has shown that it is binding via hydrogen bonds between oxygen and hydrogen in a particularly advantageous for the ability to memorize. This also allows for a very long time and differentiated memory electromagnetic frequency patterns. Hydrogen has a relatively positive and relatively negative charged oxygen. It is thus a physical and not chemical configurations.

This structure of water is discovered, explored, and later proved prof. Meckel from the University of Freiburg.

The door was open, not only to find an explanation for the operation of homeopathic high potentials, but also for understanding the mode of action bioresonance therapy and mode of bioenergy testing procedures.

Physicist Emilio Del Giudice from the Milan Institute for Nuclear Physics homeopathy explain this: “homeopathic remedy is a substance in which is stored permanently, coherent polarization field with a certain pattern and a lower frequency. The frequency pattern of the information. The therapeutic effect is to send the above information, an organism or . aqueous medium that penetrates the whole organism. homeopathic remedy is effective only when it is essential for the already existing information. ”

As a point of interest should also be added that a homeopathic remedy made as to a prasubstanco repeatedly diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 9 (D-potency) or 1:99 (C-potency) and, considering the dilution shake. When diluted in a ratio of 1: 9 to obtain D-potency when diluted in the ratio of 1:99 obtained C-potency in a ratio of 1: 999 but the gain M-potency. C3 is therefore a dilution of 1/100 x 1/100 x 1/100 = 1 / 1,000,000.

From this may be constructed that The power level D 2 corresponds to a dilution of 10-2 (ie, 1: 100) and The power level D 23 dilution of 10-23. Number 23 is known in chemistry as Loschmidovo number (or the Avogadro constant). This figure shows that a single molecule of the substance still containing 6.023 x 1023 atoms or molecules. One mole of the weight of the pure substance in grams, corresponding to the molecular weight. For example, hydrochloric acid HCl molecular weight is 36.46 ~ 36.46 grams = 1 Mol HCl, and it is 6.023 x 1023 molecules of hydrochloric acid (or atoms, if they thought about pure elements).

On the other hand, this means that the level of potency between the D 23 and D 24 in the solution is not more molecules prasubstance. Medicine peaceful and secretly leave the field of chemistry, and it is in quantum physics.

After this short trip, let’s go back to the water. It must therefore leads to confirm a kind of “memory”. In addition to the experiments conducted by CW Smith on nightingalski clinic, there is a whole series of interesting experiments without doubt confirm. French pharmacist C. Luu observed a certain spectral line strength and Bryonijeve solution. Spectral line is changed, if the change in concentration of Bryonia and given the increase in potentiation first became narrower, then wider again. Spectral line was further noted in the case D 60. Spektralija optical illustrate existing oscillating patterns.

A similar phenomenon may also be demonstrated by means of kirlijan-pictures. Depending on the potency can observe a clear change in the structure and color of the light wreath.

Dr. Morell and Rasche electronics are in one experiment found that homeopathic potency effect within a certain frequency range. The potentisation increase the acting frequency ranges. In D6 is the frequency range at 270 – 330, and D 12 are in the 950 to 1050 W. The device in this trial experiment, the system of the sender – a recipient, in which the small distance over the transmit frequency samples and transferred to being tested. It has also been shown to have a homeopathic remedies electromagnetic quality.

This phenomenon we enter the field of bioresonance. Dr. Morell was more than 20 years conducted tests of medicines and got the genius idea: “Why would I studied medicine if you are pathological information in the body itself and can be taken directly from the body?”

As a summary of current research can note the following:

1. Remembering frequency patterns can be explained only kvantnomehanično.

2. The principle of operation of homeopathy and the frequency patterns functional water is mainly energy – the information and based on cognitive skills of water molecules that have a dipole structure.

3. To the memory frequency patterns occur by binding via hydrogen bonds between oxygen and hydrogen, and the cluster structure of water.

4. The transmission frequency patterns in and on the human body is possible because they have a molecular weight of water dipole structure, which is enhanced by electromagnetic resonance.



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