General information about BICOM therapy

History BICOM bioresonance

Already in the seventies of the last century he had a German physician Dr. Morrell idea that for therapeutic purposes to use electromagnetic oscillations of the patient’s body or from different materials. Connect it with Raschkejem engineers and developed a device which he called BE-extinguisher   according to Morell and Raschke).

The idea has evolved and merged with the rapid development of computer technology: we get the device  BICOM (BIO-communication). New therapy has become known as  bio-resonance or as therapy with bio-information. Market has offered a number of similar products that are technically differ, but they operate on the same basic principle. But each device is only so much good, as good its user – therapist with their education, knowledge and experience. Even the piano is not enough to buy only the instrument.

The course of treatment with the device Bicom

image of patient being treated on a bicom
With the help of conductive electrodes is converted radiating pathological fluctuations of the diseased part of the body. This information is conducted through the oscillation of the electrode cable into BICOM device that is able to change the oscillation. Depending on the therapeutic objective information fluctuations weaken, strengthen or invertiramo. Electromagnetic separator can eliminate current fluctuations needed (by filters). Thus, the amended information fluctuation through the feed electrode cable to bring the electrode, which is usually located at the back. Body to accept “stimulus” and by sending therapeutic fluctuations goes into resonance. Thus, the disease “jamming fluctuations” weaken or remove them and strengthen healthy fluctuations and amplified. The aim of therapy is to restore the body’s own samozdravilno function.

Change information fluctuations in the body in turn affects the biochemical reactions in metabolism.

Fields of activity

Already in the first years of operation are used to support the treatment of allergies. Creative ideas, experiences therapists and rapid technical development bioresonance treatment of allergies have this form of treatment led to such a high level at such today.

As supportive therapy is suitable for all kinds of health problems, because it removes the factors that hinder the healing power of the organism. Most often it is used in the following categories of problems:

• Allergies of all kinds (asthma, hay fever),
• strengthening the immune system,
• acute colds (cold, flu),
• load caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria,
• loads with electrosmog, radiation,
• diseases of the digestive and urinary tract
• pain in the joints and spine
• injuries (burns, sprains, fractures)
• chronic fatigue, depression, stress,
• reduction of body weight,
• menopausal and other hormonal problems,
• smoking cessation
• headaches, migraines
• supportive therapy of tumors