About the Institute for bioresonance

Institute for bioresonance and Regulatory Medicine is a nonprofit Organization whose purpose is to provide business study, popularizations, promotion, training, consulting and development in the field of personal counseling, consultancy in the field of bioresonance and introduction of new programs, approaches, skills and methods in this field.

Basic activities of the Institute

  • Awarding certificates for the annual BICOM therapists
  • concern for education BICOM therapists
  • workshops and seminars,
  • concern for professional work and their translations into British language,
  • setting standards for the suitability of the premises where the activity is performed,
  • concern for the promotion of bioresonance therapy
  • raising public awareness of developments in the field of bioresonance therapy
  • establishment of a register of therapists with a valid license
  • control.


Our vision and common goals are good for all of us and our clients. What we do is a sovereign, friendly and efficient. We decided to help people to better health, at the same time ensure their place in complementary medicine, and with its excellent work to imagine a renowned classical medicine.